Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sometimes I Stare

Sometimes I look out the window
Just to see what’s out there,
Another want to be killer
Or a blue sky so clear

I stared out the window the window of an old corolla
A clean taxicab I let myself into
Out into the world below

I this young baby, not past six
Walking the streets alone, little stones he kicks
On his way home
And as glance pass into his surroundings
About the lushness above his dome
I think of the children we may, maybe just two
And the life we’ll help them with and a place to roam
All this happens sometimes as I stare

I stared through framed lenses of designer fame

a new pair I protect from the rain

as I journey ahead

I this young lady, not past twenty six

hustling home alone, after busy day of classes

another day of forever dreaming

I reminisce of his tricks,

Understanding very little of this other sex

Often confused of what’s next

And the life I’ll help him with and a place to roam
All this happens sometimes as I stare

Sometimes I stare

Outside my window,

this world I’ve trapped myself in

at a world I place on these faces I dim

Hoping only for one day,

When I’ll be the confusion she protects,

The father of her pair of wonderlings,

The object of inspired stare.

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