Thursday, 27 September 2012


You are the star that watches over me
You are the wind that whispers my name
As I close my eyes I’ll dream of you
The night we met the fireworks and you

As perfect life is with you, still there is fear
Fear of being hurt and confused of the feelings inside
Knowing everything said and done is at great risk
Fear of giving one’s all and not knowing what the future holds
Fear of truth, fear of love…..
Fear of giving my all to be lost in you

My nights are a bit warmer as if you were next to me
Each vibration felt a touch from you
Each thought of an urge constantly recalls memories of you
Hope is my daily bread as I wish you feel the same

Each time the day passes by I think of you
A new day brings change, for better or worse
My true love, that one in a million experience
My heart falls, falls in a pit waiting to be picked up by you
Rescued by your hands and taken into fairy land

Copyright J.R. Thomas

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