Tuesday, 8 January 2013

I Cry

Dirty lies and alibis, the many schemes you taught me to get by,

Of getting caught out with wrong intentions, drained the love stream dry,

Lusting, slipping, switching, fool around as away our relationships fly,

Gifted hands and a beautiful soul left alone to wither and die,

My heart bleeds, my conscience screams and I cry I cry I cry

Your crimson rose prickled my skin with thorns of rejection,

But the pain was hidden by lies, who offered you constant attention,

Lost in the slurs and curves of poetic winds pulling you like an erotic suction,

Passion blinded your eyes, shadowing your reason down the trail of deception,

You were left with lies, craving for more and I cry I cry I cry

All the flashes of change fooled you as a cold heart grew chill,

Fighting yourself to please the wounds as they grew wider still,

Glances showed you the truth, hinting the side effects of the pill,

Now the climax arises and you have not been served,

You desire more even though the lace wines out thin,

And with relief of a familiar grin you are struck, now I cry I cry I cry

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