Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Your bliss surrounds,

your voice abounds,

They say you protrude,

you say I am crude,

Alone in the center, I dream blue;

She holds me close,

her words a perfect dose,

They both say it is perfect,

you say I’m pushing it,

Alone in the center, I dream blue;

Long minutes ooze on by and by,

We sit, I stare, she touches, we try,

Statements candid remain elusive, we lie,

you say you will call, I hope you try,

Alone in the center, I dream blue.


Mic Check

Check, check, 1, 2, 3

Mic check 1, 2, 3

My name is thought,

I am the beginning,

Conjured up by choice or impulse,

Brain waves ring,

I am growing fast, I am thought;

I am older now, everyone calls me words,

but it is still me, I have not changed,

I have escaped from the brain waves,

and now many mini mes plague;

You change me quickly,

but I still remain,

They didn’t like me, your friends wanted sane,

I was different, but thought is still my name;

…So you remembered me,

Oh today it must rain,

Haven’t I been with you all, you too left me for sane,

Yep same old me,

Whenever you think I’m lying, I’m telling the truth,

That first innocent thought, forever lost in your youth


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

World Without Strangers:- Peace

If we could start over,

would we not bring our memories,

Even just to change old ways,

and provide habitat for new tendencies,

To find our loved ones sooner,

and prevent grave tragedies,

Maybe only to cheat death longer,

and cure our many frailties,

Get acquainted with everyone,

and all your needed memories,

That we could start over fresh,

peacefully and without strangers.


Monday, 23 September 2013

De Leche Negra

No quieres su cara,
No hables negro;

Solamente para el trabajo es dificil,
Nunca, nunca, nunca es facil,
No mundo para negra,
Siempre dificil dias;

Venga por favor,
Assisto por favor,
Nunca,nunca, nunca facil,
Gracias Dios para el noche


Sunday, 22 September 2013


Requirements for this new me,

scream death to the old me;

Harder still is this deciphering,

of the proofs I’ve chased,

the proven I’ll waste,

and pools of lessons for swimming;

Advise that will benefit,

to be joined by firmer sets,

a blas’ bought,

away from glass boats;


Late this night,

For season a play,

Pay for days;

Extinction or dormancy?

Starvation or buoyancy?

Assassination or froze?

Can I really call her failure?

knowing I’ve learned from her,

sensing she was the good that slipped,

Can I remain truthful and tight lipped?

Adventures in displacement,

dreams of enrichment,

it’s not enough to mine gold,

you have to mind what’s gold;

Excuse by absence,

this is not good bye, merely hasta luego,

off into thinker clouds,

better days ahead.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

As I stared at your glow, I realized how much you’ve grown on me; this person I’ve become. A wonder for a wanderer. Shells, sea, shocks and rum.


Battling now to stare, running to you,

With revelation I gave room to stare,

New found adoration,

for a scale anew of behind;

Sunset on windowed levels,

Clouds quickly leveled,

The once was is a different,

White seemed dark of late;

I hissed at the light,

No idea to enlighten this darkness,

This too was shared,

and now with shared light, the aisle buzzed;


To new tongues’,

An adventure begun,

My first step outta comfort

I often wish, to wish,

to feel, to steal, to be,

Whatever would suit me best,

Wherever I would find a chest,

Future growth,

Present tense,

Past lessens…



Sunday, 15 September 2013


I wanna fall in love with myself
But pieces of you is missing
I feel so disconnected, I keep tripping
Finding place on others shelf
What if I lost you tomorrow?
Would I be lost forever?
Maybe I’ve already fallen
I really need you to prop me up
How does my missing affect your cup
I know I’m begging

Alone again, every time I miss you
Ever since you said don’t kiss you
All I wanna know is how to complete me
I don’t want to figure it out on my own
I know how to do that,
I just wanna learn how to not love being

[Verse 2]
Won’t you let me in so I can let you go
My world barely knows you
Yet its drunk of you
My bubbles hiccup with you on its breath
I think of you before, approaching, and when I have nothing left
Your gifts do teach me
Yet they don’t feel like blessings
I want more of you
More than your abundance

Alone again, every time I miss you
Ever since you said don’t kiss you
All I wanna know is how to complete me
I don’t want to figure it out on my own
I know how to do that,
I just wanna learn how to not love being

[Verse 3]
I’m not asking to be taught you
I really need to know you
Even though it may help you
I really need to know you
So I can never lose you
Can I be me without you
I guess your letters just don’t spell me
But is there anything you can tell me
Why do I have to hear
I’ve not learned to care
Even with much I want just want one
A piece of you to make me

Alone again, every time I miss you
Ever since you said don’t kiss you
All I wanna know is how to complete me
I don’t want to figure it out on my own
I know how to do that,
I just wanna learn how to not love being


Faithful To End

I’m a horrible help for myself, and spent my days responding to days, weeks, months, years, calendered. One day I decided to leave my life behind, to become a person I never dreamed about. From Jamaica to Panama to Mexico City Airport, where I spent the night waiting for a connecting flight to Cancun. I discovered very quickly that indeed my thoughts of bigger world away from home was a giant misconception. Cancun was not only grand, it is largely different. The work I got in Mexico to sell cosmetics hurled stones at my introversion, trampled my seclusion, and revealed clearly the reason I had always chose to hide. Everyday I found my fear of people clash with my need for success. Along the way I contracted Salmonella, hooked up with Mexican girls, tried temporary tattoos, learned Israeli history, and lost my job.

All this in the first three weeks, and Jamaicans came to become added baggage. So off to Mexico city I went to be “properly trained for the same job in a different locale”. Mexico City is beautiful and already my growth has surpassed that of before. I’m a salesman here and I speak 3 languages. Jamaica is paradise in comparison, yet Mexico is not my own so my unmarried love for its great beauty is understandable. So money is to be made, rebirth is to be had, report is short, details are missing, many days ahead, and hopefully many more worlds to see.

Hasta Luego


Coffin Nails

I draw lines across my skin, where you’re tongue has become akin, I close my eyes every time I know yours is mine, I’m taken in your divine, these lips these eyes this dies…

These lips these eyes this death of a man, from the killing of a child, the walk of shores. Stripped down to a core, a wash by sores, awake by longing. Each sweetheart eaten, every path broken, lingering whiffs, tantalizing sucks…

Each sweetheart eaten, every path broken, lingering whiffs, tantalizing licks as chains engulf. Coin through fingers, as relatives wonder through hair strands, and the script is to devour. Take away every pain, every ill, every worry, and replace them the hosts disease. This is their fate, they shall know no other way.

Remind me every now and again you love me, I know I don’t love you in vain. Like every flower when it rains, I’m just as happy as the first time you came.

Route Lines

Route Lines:
From the first step, intoxicated with an urge to move;
Up, the way to leave;
Window view of a powerful sleeve; Touchings of aisle and sliding auto doors, into new worlds of manual’s clues.

Connections, elevations, propulsion; Misgivings of friendship;
Made in a different shop to work with different flops;
Rotations, strain, the break ins after the break ups;
What a life inside this new mess.

Linked by nodes on electronic maps; Runways of the tarmac;
Kiosks, plazas, and foreign languages;
Popular pigs, in a land of the popular pig;
Building anew to last a lifetime.



Pretense etches tattoos to remind me of the man I ought to be, so I’ll fake it ‘til I make it. Until I make it to you, inspire me naturally.

Silence calms me into thinking, thinking into dreaming. I love to dream up this magical world of ours. Where my broken pieces fit perfectly.

Patience keeps me growing limbs, branches for my new and returning birdies to come singing by. I can hold there songs, grasping longingly.

Yet I sigh for the pretense wasted, the silence that cowered, and patience that led me slow. I got here in one peace of mind, but not of me.

I had my worlds believing never correcting my erring, preferred to just use them as though planned light years in advance. #SoSaysTheRealMe

Truly though, I’m just a man of two parents with five siblings. Grown up by televisions, radios, and people in buildings. #SoSaysTheRealMe

I wished I’d come out more all along, and when I believed I came along. I did everything I said before, some after saying. #SoSaysTheRealMe

Nowadays I just freestyle life and live by my word. Happily helping and giving away knowing even I am wasting away too. #SoSaysTheRealMe

I’ve accepted that we all meet some type of end, and I wish to go quietly then to a painless rest. This is the real JRT #SoSaysTheRealMe

When I have clarified and exhausted a subject, then I turn away from it, in order to go into darkness again.

Carl Friedrich Gauss

(via scienceisbeauty)


Saturday, 14 September 2013

Seriously, does any of your senses pick that up.


Wonder Wanders

Craving a fleeting cloud,
Promising storm,
Rainy day sweet,
Thundering lightning,
Long ravenous intentions,
Memories and fantasies,
Admittedly I may pour,
Maybe I’m not meant to land here.

Nomads know better,
They’ve ran deserts,
Brought laughter to oases,
Always searching,
This they prefer,
Certain discoveries,
Disappointments taught best.

Many hoods,
Child, neighbor, false,
Dreams quickly met reality,
Foolishly distracted,
Some things you can,
Others you go through,
You must learn to spell,
Pronounce your future.

Feeling beautiful,
Beautiful birds,
Birding music,
Music soothes,
Soothe me you do,
Until I turn off feeling,
Many dark rooms have bulbs,
Many switches unfounded,
Awaiting energy.

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