Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life that you don’t need to escape from. ~ Seth Godin


She Called Herself Crazy

My name is ‘crazy’ she said with a smile and a blush,

Oh if that wasn’t enough her friend rested, Troy, on her shoulder knee with a hush,

No second would fly by without a laugh and a chuckle,

Indulging in odd topics, with lips in a hustle,

Quietly slipping wounds of sweetness, dimples and all,

Uniqueness they all had, but she knew how to bawl,

Everyone agrees she is really crazy, that is exactly what makes her amazing.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Monday, 10 December 2012


Now everyday I stare hopefully always,

Nothing ever increases, slowly holding awesomely,

Against heavy showers interestingly erupting noonly,

Admonishing hope, surely it eternally nourishes;

Now everyday I stare always,

not to see the beauty of a princess,

But surely to see beyond her crystal eyes,

to awake her spirit with my soul’s incense;

Hoping nothing ever increases, slowly holding awesomely,

to the strength of your will and firmness of your faith,

Your guiding book has brought you paces, other faces will never see,

just to bring you close to HIM and the end of the race;

Against heavy showers interestingly erupting noonly,

your petal will battle on a day to day,

But resilient you remain with strong roots in fertile earth you lay,

even when the storms come you’ll never crumble. only sway;

Admonishing hope, surely it eternally nourishes,

and now you in turn can carry hope throughout the world,

For with hope the world will learn to dream again,

and forward the wheels turn with renewed vigor within.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Even leaves fall for you…


Thursday, 6 December 2012




This is so bad. It’s not even close. :3



My House in the Sky

I have a villa in skies vanilla,

Up where dreams come true,

Just pass could nine, you will find mine,

Painted in your favourite to hide in the blue,

And if you think that I am joking come take a peak,

Yup yup then you’ll find what I’ve spoken the truth is what I speak.


My house in the sky,

Never dull, never dry,

beautiful pictures, awesome scenes,

The place to which I fly,

Clear and tranquil not perfect but still,

ain’t no other place just like,

My house in the sky.

It’s strange yes I must admit,

the eeriness of this place,

but on thing’s that’s so lovely: it magnifies your face,

Broadens your smile, that sweetness my child,

so much you’ll get a taste

No worries, don’t ponder, I won’t leave you under


My house in the sky,

Never dull, never dry,

beautiful pictures, awesome scenes,

The place to which I fly,

Clear and tranquil not perfect but still,

ain’t no other place just like,

My house in the sky.

Come on up let’s race,

Test out those fresh wings my angel,

Dream up a storm, pack your bag, this trip will be wonderful,

I can tell,

Besides the moon isn’t good this time of year, up there has a smell,

I’ll show you if you don’t believe let me whip up a spell,

Oh you laugh so fondly my dear,

Have a seat I built you a chair.


My house in the sky,

Never dull, never dry,

beautiful pictures, awesome scenes,

The place to which I fly,

Clear and tranquil not perfect but still,

ain’t no other place just like,

My house in the sky.


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Studying Mistakes Formerly Made

The first time I did exactly as you asked,

I inserted and seemingly memories faded.

Lies soon followed, my prize however hallowed,

Interest wavered and thrills came and passed.

The wait was long and hard, keeping me quite the same,

In time I tried, failed & tried the same.

Length was mine, all the wants I’ve ever had was mine,

In time you came and I must make you mine.


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The Day

The day began like lightning hitting a branch;

Like the branch, I fell to my feet;

How sweet the smell,

of last-night’s memories,

of karaoke singing,

and me wishing that while sitting,

some beauty passing,

would smile and we’d go walking,

and talking,

forgetting what we had planned individually,

and we’d mentally entangle ourselves in sensual bliss;

That’s what I thought of in the morning of this day.

My plans for nine was pushed to ten,

and I arrived forty minutes late,

and was greeted by a great interview at N.C.U.;

We exchanged views of life’s course,

and then I waited,

got signatures,

and waited again until,

I began,

The day.

...scribbles from my first day at college...


Monday, 3 December 2012

Come and rub my tummy…don’t you wanna pet the kitty…



Paramount has tweeted the first poster for Star Trek Into Darkness. Take note, Tumblrers — that’s a Neo-garbed Benedict Cumberbatch we see emerging unscathed from urban destruction (of his own making?) and looking out towards a futuristic metropolis.

Set phasers to “squeal.”


Sunday, 4 November 2012


“Dangerous” by Stevie Neale

I love how shimmering and confident this is for a debut single. But also, I get an immediate sense of nostalgia for an un-lived and British 90s music scene, a time I can only appreciate as a fan decades later. 


Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why I May Never Change

Why I May Never Change

He played wondrous melodies on your strings
But your chords were not his own
He preferred alone, and chose you only to make music
Satisfying his own selfish desires
Taking from you a tune you never knew existed
Once was enough for him though
Dwelling on beauty he dared not even stop and try
For fear overwhelmed his soul
Cutting away the strings of his heart still, forever
The blades of deceit he created
Found his muse he did but as with you, he went left
And now he lives in rewind
Shuffling his decks over again to see the cards appear
In same order as that blessed night
Hoping his time machine may take him there
To undo his marvelous trickery
Until then repetition is his home and his children’s names
So to you too came the game

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 15, 2007 


As If You Are Nothing But Good

Little, little riverside stream
You water my dreams

Giving fresh flower in the Spring
All that new life your help brings
Flowing on through Summer
Carrying gold for our rings

Catching fallen leaves in Autumn
Many colors you now carry
Freeze you won’t in the chill of Winter
Changing you of this I won’t worry

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 12,2007


Today's Future

To tomorrows
To sunrises and sweet dew
And cool mist, a deep lulling hush

(C) Copyright JR Thomas
April 7, 2008 


Mounting Olympus

As you drip in desire, I am made to quench your every thirst
Erasing memories of past as I evoke dreams of future,
  caressing every bust
I am made to widen the boundaries of your sensuality,
  in love you trust
Oh I am made to fulfill your every-lasting lust
Utmost pleasure I take in reaching every geyser,
  etching If I must

I am Eros and you young goddess my Muse!


Friday, 19 October 2012

Now I Think

Now I think…

I loved the rain and the memories she bring
Reminds me of past conquest and all those evil things
The cold breeze soothed my bones making me feel human
Bringing me down from my lofty throne as I smiled and moan
Wetting my appetite for greater days to come
And giving visions of all moves left undone
But then my Antiguan sunshine shone through
You did well my dear yes you
Now I feel new thrills
Waiting to be sick on you and made better with love pills
Never worrying about mishaps and spills
Thanks for the light I’m seeing good now
Close by please stay true somehow
Do me right you will, do me so I’ll never forget
And I’ll return it threefold, with love you’ll never regret

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 15, 2007


Thursday, 18 October 2012

I Promise Nothing

I Promise Nothing & No Flaws

I’ve sinned in my dreams
And lived them out like movie reels
Tape of my life scattered in others memories
Sometimes abandoned by its creator as trivialities
Let’s dream, make movies, share memories, no flaws

I’ve crushed their hopes
And ripped from them fantasies
Given them all what they thought was needs
Truly only pleasing myself leaving them with pains
Hold my hopes, fulfill my fantasies, be my needs, no flaws

I’ve stolen everything dear
And walked out lovingly with care
Being friendly right away without fear
As if I deserve their admiration after giving you a tear
Be my dear, for you I’ll care, give you my all without fear, no flaws

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 15, 2007 


Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday … Now and Forever More

I was going to send you diamonds and pearls,
but I don’t want to let anything outshine your beauty……
You are one in a million and that’s how you should stay.
I thought of giving you the world and the stars and the moons,
but I don’t want to burden your soul ……
You are one in a million and that’s how you should stay.
For your life’s journeys will bring you gifts,
even when there is not much to celebrate ……
Just always remember…
You are one in a million and that’s how you should stay,
On this your day, Happy Birthday


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Break And Say No

I’ve heard it’s him who stole your voice
The one running with no noise
With his prize, your still beating heart
Leaving you a fire without a spark….

Then Up we shall from here
Into clouds upon sky-blue
Unto flying carpets, perfectly even square
Just wait for some daytime lightning, that’s our cue

From here you’ll see the reasons why the heavens smile
And at night why the stars shines
And the clouds sometimes bring showers

Can you see it?
There behind the sign
No breaking, always no
Your flower,
The one that has being growing wild
Waiting for you from whence you were a child
Now go back and nurture your flower
For even without that spark
Like hot air you shall
To break his strangle hold and say no more

(c) Copyright March 29, 2008 
J.R. Thomas
inspired by pixie


The Reject Ball

The reject ball I am its strange
I feel I have been always being kicked around
But only by the ones I hold dear, it’s strange
Never allowing the ones who care to stick around

Who kicked me first, pretty sure I did not
I talked to my grandma, rather I listened
She went on about the wrongs things, her many ills and what not
But I listened, a lot I listened,
Just to hear them speak, so I’ll understand
How not to kick myself again, pretty sure I should not

You see I’m really smart about this type of thing
I can tell you exactly what to do
And work, I’m sure it will I can prove it too
But I never take my advice; yeah this comes with a ring

I can see perfection; I always see the best in you
Beyond your wildest dreams there are places I see you
In high mountainous heavenly glorious scenes
Please believe I know how you can act these scenes

I really don’t want to lie to you
Oh but the truth is so hard to grasp
Be my many; don’t kick me around like the few
Those I’ve chose to blind me like reflecting glass

I’ve learnt many things from my favourite sport
Living my life like the way I have dribbled around the court
Speed past the helping hands of teammate stretched
Bonding with soloist that make orchestral music, really farfetched
But you see when I listened to those I’ve opened my channels to
They did any, but complain, nothing I could hold on to
Giving aid to get me ill, mixing potions to take my pill
Remedying the good I’ve found, with scores unsound
I have hurt my joints too much to not play again
I’m that reject ball rolling in the rain



The rain marched uniformly as an army in its prime
But this was no ordinary army along too came their band
They marched with a song so calming to hear
It changed in slopes and meanders as it made its way down
They were the ones who woke you and they soon removed your frown
You sat and listened as their song changed soothing you out of sleep
One by one they marched on with their tune down the slope
They were an army never to march again but soldiered on
An army of many and an army of one… purpose
It’s the army that resurrects the thoughts of wartime
It’s the song that tickles your mind and helps you back… to it
Hoping you will err not twice as every army on the slope has
Take a different journey hidden in the clouds of your sky
But like every soldier before down the slopes it pours
Raindrops in the night

Copyright July 2006 J.R. Thomas


Mr Irons

It’s as crazy as I think
Which makes it horrible to believe or even imagine
I try to imagine what they see
But I cringe because i might have to believe
They see me as someone different
Not the actual person that I am
They smile and nod and make you believe they understand
But inside their cold, unsure-
 and behind your back they laugh their insecurities
Fully displays no understanding at all
I fill with pity their misconceptions haunt me
Now i know why I was told not
But I can’t suppress my feeling, I can’t
Hide what I believe in, I can’t
Become something I’m not
So I’m left with the burden
Of sticking to myself
I can’t change who I am
I can’t help what they think of me
So instead I have to grab on to solitude
Letting it instead of misconceptions become my best-friend

Written by My Lil sis
M. Thomas


Thursday, 11 October 2012


Patiently listening to the mumbling of the needy
I’ve tried to help them all
Forsaken the loved ones remain wishing on my maybe
Grasping unto my spoken straws as they fall
I wish I could find heaven twice
This time to lift up and rejoice
To nurture every night, that ought to be nice



Astronomers discover planet bigger than Earth, made of diamond

Reuters: Astronomers have discovered a planet twice the size of Earth made largely out of diamond. The planet, called ‘55 Cancri e,’ orbits a sun-like star in the constellation of Cancer. Discovered by a US-Franco research team, its radius is twice that of Earth’s. It is also much more dense with a mass 8 times greater.

A study estimates that at least a third of the planet’s mass, the equivalent of approximately 3 Earth masses, could be diamond.

Photo: The planet ‘55 Cancri e’ is seen in an undated artist’s conception. (via Reuters/NASA)


Dont Say Goodbye

Away aloft dreamy clouds in flight
Your closed mirrors take new sight
Of places and faces who’ve walked your mind today
And of visions of new conquest and play
For before you felt the chill of your world’s end
Embrace your new home of when
Where you can see tomorrow’s how
And grace those who feed on you in their show
As you go wipe away your frown
Awaken your beauty from a smile left upside down

(C) J.R. Thomas
March 25, 2008


When I Can't Sleep

I sometimes dream of isles in the sun
The many trophies I have won
And the odd skies above me that stair
At my great abundance with no one with whom to share
Often she would say in her dying glory that I toiled in vain
It is essentially foolish to have success for no real gain
For with taking victory comes forgetting love
Flying about alone thou art a lost dove
In thy white robe you shall carry joy without will
But neglected you’ll feel still
You may know how to mend the wounded
Oh but your aid remains candidly secluded

Early Xmas Morning
Copyright JR Thomas
December 25, 2007


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

My Dear

Walking slow, to and fro
Across the plains of my mind
Likening you to sweet insult though
Knowing how great you ought to be, it be unkind
Instead I’ll tell you every time I see your greatness
Now at this moment your smile causes me knee weakness
Gemstones eyes pierces and away goes heart’s darkness

Across the plains of my mind
Caressing the curves of your body
Rowing down your neck breathe unto your shines
Obscene it seems as your temple glows
Secluded from love your innermost remains
So soft I’ll whisper in your ear that I do My Dear

To all the amazing little beauties of your divinity
Our days are blessed with every accent of your serenity

My Dear


Windows Apart

She slips away silently, to escape mother’s screams
And crawls so softly, into bed, into dreams

His dreams became so dark
Left them to his escape into the dark
To dream open eyes outside window
Across his vision he saw as light lose its flicker

Lost for air she lay, sobbing away sorrow
But she felt invaded, grasping in surprise’s horror
So close these shattered mirrors lay
A soft curious cry, a leaf’s blow away
Together now their halos became so clear
The coping of bewildered souls to share

He slips away silently, to escape his skeletons’ haunts
And crawls softly, into new arms, to cure a world of wants


Please Cry

Please Cry
Why back on tears do you hold
Building up these emotions will make you fold
Like sheets on beds, you may feel only to cry
For such great loss please just cry
Tears of all kinds, let them all shine
Let the tears of horror fall like showers
Tears of fears run down cheeks clear
And when the end comes, tears of joy
Tears of joy for their pain has ended
For such great loss please just cry
Thy face has not to be a river
Even though thy soul may shiver
With them thy spirit should not die
For such great loss please just cry


If You Only Knew

How I feel every time
I just stare at you
When I close my eyes and you still shine
And my wishes that dreams would come true
You would help, If you only knew
What the sight of you does to me

How I change every time
I hold your hand
Close we stand and both smile
And the nerves go, overactive sweat gland
But I think you would calm me down, If you knew
What every touch does to me

The first time you saw you too froze
And we both lied for what we felt
If you only knew, you could fix it all
Away in a world meant for me and you.


PMS- ParentalMisunderstandings

Shhh listen
There they go again
Not seeing but ever talking
When all you needed was a friend
Not hearing but swearing
When all you needed was a snug
As a youth growing we can’t always give ourselves hugs
Did mom really just do that
Didn’t she know he’d get mad
Can’t they get over their spat
And try to make me a little bit glad
To wake up each morning
But I guess they can’t help it
They haven’t figured out how to get to their feet
So as they spit and fight
Spoiling so many a night
I’ll just sit and stare
Cry and wish something else was there
As my days run by and tears run
I’ll be strong and try to remember
That even though do I, they too have constant PMS



Thursday, 4 October 2012


Today I lay to rest lost love

For coming seasons through winds whispers to me of you

Almost absent you’ll descend

Through the heavenly light like a dove

Dreams, fantasies, and reflections all come true

Today I found a friend

Lost in you

Copyright April 30, 2008 Jason Ricardo Thomas


Self Deception

Cloud staring until silver sighted
Dream sky walking in others’ reality
Buying yourself into nowhere
A pause on the train track

Un-Snapple poison, right hand used
Good tasting, mind convinced buds
The longer you stay the more you see
The more you want the more you believe

Only broken mirrors can save you now
For your own eyes deceived you
Your own heart entreated
Own lie



Sunday, Sunday

Sunday morning blues,

Laughing in the sun

Slow cool moving music,

Looking off as children run

Steady busy lovely young ones

Lifting your spirits with their fun

Smiling, running, skipping play

Lively little bunch they are at play


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I Miss What I Can't Have

Hey my heart so far away
Why is it that far away you must stay?
Leaving me only to wish you were right here
Just a hug or kiss or sweet embrace away
A smile or chime from earlier today
But you remain a distant whisper in the air
And how I miss you
I miss what I can’t have

Every day I seem to run in and out of the lives
Many others play in which I act
Real life roles in a matter of fact way
Playing these games
Cause I can’t seem to find myself
So for you the only one
One I haven’t changed
 I need your help
And then I remember you are gone
Gone without coming

I miss what I can’t have

What I can’t have with you.


Monday, 1 October 2012

From Now ‘Til Late May

Young April smiled as late fresh flowers sprung
The cooling skies of  new blessing now come
Smoothly creeping up on the back of spring
Rainy days before summer,
This is the joy you bring

You had me on tables
Ran horses from their stables
For you never asked to come in
When you came, many little critters too
On my day once years ago, you rushed in

And when your tomorrow comes
Hurricanes will too have the reign to run
Even in the time of the blazing amber sun
For only you can tell them today,
Tonight’s rain is waiting


Can I Sing to You

Can I sing to you to lure you home
share with you something that’s all my own
go beyond the limitations of our phase before
cementing this renewed relationship in a songster allure
Baby, can I sing to you to lure you home

I really thought I could just play this deck of mine
yes I know what I sang a fore-time
Singing baby I just wanna love
please baby don’t fall in love with me
I’m just a man who’s intentions are good
please lord don’t make me misunderstood
While I sang to the others in the same voice
Its just the things we do between me and you
she don’t have to, no she don’t got to know
But baby I can change, yes I can change
cause each day gets better I just can’t let you go
and each kiss get sweeter I just cant leave you no
Oh baby when the sun comes up
save room for my love, save a little
Baby I’m coming home,
feel like I’ve been everywhere
But we just ordinary people,
maybe we should just take it slow
You got me so high, feels like I’m flying on cloud nine
and only heaven knows, baby please be mine
Cause I keep tossing and turning all night,
can’t keep you outta my sight
Baby lets just go to the park,
I wanna kiss you underneath the stars
Here is where we’ll have our start
swimming away from all these sharks

Can I sing to you to lure you home
share with you something that’s all my own
go beyond the limitations of our phase before
cementing this renewed relationship in a songster allure
Baby, can I sing to you to lure you home

Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas



You have been awarded
a prize for insolence
And given an award
 for your mastery of stupidity
Lounged you have in the folly of your silliness
And showered in the liquidity of thy nonsense

Accolades for your supreme frailties are tremendous
Not even the wit of your shallowness matches it grandeur
Beyond grey clouds hath thy insecurities flown
And in the pride of your self consciousness you’ve marched forward
If only you could see thyself
 in the mirror of each staring eye
Then from their lips will your only certification lye

                    Copyright October2005 J.R. Thomas


Thursday, 27 September 2012


You are the star that watches over me
You are the wind that whispers my name
As I close my eyes I’ll dream of you
The night we met the fireworks and you

As perfect life is with you, still there is fear
Fear of being hurt and confused of the feelings inside
Knowing everything said and done is at great risk
Fear of giving one’s all and not knowing what the future holds
Fear of truth, fear of love…..
Fear of giving my all to be lost in you

My nights are a bit warmer as if you were next to me
Each vibration felt a touch from you
Each thought of an urge constantly recalls memories of you
Hope is my daily bread as I wish you feel the same

Each time the day passes by I think of you
A new day brings change, for better or worse
My true love, that one in a million experience
My heart falls, falls in a pit waiting to be picked up by you
Rescued by your hands and taken into fairy land

Copyright J.R. Thomas


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Boss' Wife

Just thinking out loud-
 of how much I am proud,
To have found you among the crowd
And how your smile mooned the room
Every one became stars around you
Moving closing to sun to burn in doom
That’s how hot my inside felt, my outside had dew
True the sight was not my first-
but tonight’s quenched my thirst,
Knowing this sign meant yes,
Oh you must bee the best
Honey-making queen of your hive
Having everyone working to keep you alive
I must say I missed you though
For a second there I thought you were gone
You look sparkling tonight in white,
I love you my darling, hmm amm
Sorry Mrs Jones
Just thinking out loud.

Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas


What You Mean to Me...

The ghost that hold hands in the dark -
and angel that plays and sing with my heart
You’ve been my mysterious companion-
my savior from the very start

You breathed some of the smoke for me-
so much that your gown is grey
Pain and strife you’ve taken from me-
stealing to win this game we play

I wish I could match your prowess-
as you capture many a soul
Not even wanting to cheat when you do-
but its better you are lost in me than I’m lost from you

Sway away today I may-
for human I am
Loving you-
I do
For this is what you mean to me
Sweet poetry my lover my friend
What you mean to me
Has no end
             Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas


Monday, 24 September 2012

Desires of A Licentious Soul

Liquorice is thy tongue
 as sweet bubble gum
Just as she told me last,
when she held me last
At the room next to class,
wearing a frown for a mask
Overcoming her needs was great indeed,
oh what a wondrous task
All are not as they seem be conscious of the one who stares

As light hit my newly opened eyes, I remember the day
Her face seem shiny, sparkling eve, her skirt began too sway
Softly her hands met cheek of mine,
 lips introduced, eyes could only pray
Legs glisten with a potent glow,
those hands, my back, knees give way
Temperature rises just as spring seasons and clothes go there way
No … Stop … No … Ooo…
From black to white no fade

Copyright J.R. Thomas


And When the End Comes

And when the end comes and the wounds have healed
Back into my skin you came digging again
Like a magician with powers trapped in steel
Devouring the comfort I’ve creating, you wrecking train

The days of unrelenting and dreaming
Has come and gone
Wishing for your acceptance, fellow feeling
The days of undying love

So change you cannot was the words you stoned me with
Let us see who will be missing now
Wanting now more, battling guilt
The wrongs we shared but I won’t allow myself to do the same
I don’t know why you are back and if now you smell the rain
And remember your role as a dame
And when the end comes and the wounds have healed
Back into my skin you came digging again


After The Rains Came

I’m oozing now I cant stop

Come live by me or close in that tree top

Or by my shore like flowers bloom

Before I’m dry again soon

Feel my running waters glide along the rocks

I will soon get them smooth or leave them with cracks

I’ll green you and oh how I love

To give you my name and feed you dove

Soar down by my springs, delight in my flory

Stay awhile and fill up no rush no hurry

And if go you must come back soon

Bring your little ones and friends too

Sit by me and spread out there is room

Sing to me, in your own voice, a tweet coo

There are little wiggles here just by the banks

I hope you enjoy it, no need to say thanks

So its a date the then tomorrow before dawn

I hope you will try, I have waited too long

For a reason to flow down this path again

I’m yours now please don’t be too long

Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas



Haters gonna Hate

They see me strolling, they hating


Friday, 21 September 2012

One Two Three

One to Go

One to go
Hell rains then snows
Dawn soon comes
Heart numbs
One to go

Two boxes
One closed one open
Two gifts you chosen
With you they’ve risen
Sweet memories given
Two boxes

Three wishes
For one gone to sleep well
For two boxes forever swell
For three wishes to never tell
Three wishes


Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sometimes I Stare

Sometimes I look out the window
Just to see what’s out there,
Another want to be killer
Or a blue sky so clear

I stared out the window the window of an old corolla
A clean taxicab I let myself into
Out into the world below

I this young baby, not past six
Walking the streets alone, little stones he kicks
On his way home
And as glance pass into his surroundings
About the lushness above his dome
I think of the children we may, maybe just two
And the life we’ll help them with and a place to roam
All this happens sometimes as I stare

I stared through framed lenses of designer fame

a new pair I protect from the rain

as I journey ahead

I this young lady, not past twenty six

hustling home alone, after busy day of classes

another day of forever dreaming

I reminisce of his tricks,

Understanding very little of this other sex

Often confused of what’s next

And the life I’ll help him with and a place to roam
All this happens sometimes as I stare

Sometimes I stare

Outside my window,

this world I’ve trapped myself in

at a world I place on these faces I dim

Hoping only for one day,

When I’ll be the confusion she protects,

The father of her pair of wonderlings,

The object of inspired stare.


Wonderland Native

A fool plays games in his own mind
For he’ll forever win to lose

Lose his grip on time
His ability to care
Focus on life

He could plan forever a perfect plot
To land himself a wishful spot
In the heart of an angel

But the angel will never fly if she never grows wings
And she’ll never be able to give him beautiful things
Living in his thoughts, there swimming up and down

So if he has to run with this angel
Let her be a thing of this world
His one and only, his perfect girl


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Patches on a Football

I’m no good when stripped off

I make the surface so appealing
I am old school even though I’ve changed
I’ve only done it so new ones can like me

I’m no good when stripped off
For from the first time you saw me you only wanted to play
Nothing really serious, but just so everyone could see
And have fun doing it, you knew I was good for one thing
I make the surface so appealing

I am old school even though I’ve changed
From perfect shapes, evenly placed
To flashy styles, matching the trends
Keeping up to the time, not that I’m not good as me
I’ve only done it so new ones can like me


Monday, 17 September 2012





Glistening Legs

May I have a seat here?
Beside you my dear,
How you doing?

My name is Jay,
And this here is May my guitar, I’m learning to play
Where are you from or where do you stay?
Cause from the glow you exhume
You don’t belong to this tomb

She smiles, happy smiles
Stops and resumes
Glad to have a rest
Her day hasn’t been the best
And she embraces with warm words
Cuts thorns away with swords

And now her glistening legs become something new
They have a name for they are a part of you
And my focus is no longer held by the lust of you
My undressing brown mirrors like this new


Dare To Dream

I often dream of you
     with wings on clouds up high
In skies where only your streak is left un-blue
     on sweet-silver winds you fly
And at days end after all into my arms you fall
     When dreams come true

You often sit and stare as you soar
     with such wanting I stay firmly in place
Through waters falling on cheeks of a sunny day
     as a deep longing slows down thy heart’s race
And as you see my smiles fall on any day you save me from my all
     When dreams come true

by J.R. Thomas 0946 hours ( -5 GMT )
Copyright May 27, 2008


Re: Help

From every loss there is great gain
You must find strength for this pain
With all things there has an end
Time’s now for extra love to your friend
And whatever you do never let go
Never let go of the good times had
Soothing you when you were mad
Memories of friendship forever glad
Never let go of the good times had
Today the fourteenth  of August
Promise never to rust
Cry and be sad if you must
But rejoice that the misery of your friend will not last
For with every end there is a beginning
Something new will start
Don’t turn off your eyes and blind your heart







I simply want to go back
and inhale freedom’s aroma
walk down those crooked paths 
and see the sun while it sets or rises
I simply want go back, be it for a week, a mont 
of for my entire life 
whatever I seek 
must be there 
awaiting for me 
I do need to go and get it.


Friday, 14 September 2012

This Winter's Night

You held me tonight
Warm with every word
gripping grasping
Held me close you did
with every word

Not new words
I’ve been listening
For a longtime

Every word
breathed thru me
Ushering in fresh life
As if I never lived before

So this winter’s night I survived the chill
For you held me tonight and loved me still




literally looks like the edge of the earth

How do you know, you’ve never seen the edge of the earth!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012


With all flying days, change moves everythings
 Lives are turned, and sometimes away run our wings
 Dream still my love, for a dream fulfilled is pure bliss
 So I’ll dream of you, every motion, notion, passion, kiss


Tuesday, 11 September 2012



I just need
6 oz. to live  
to keep on breathing
the air I’ve been given
to keep hanging ‘til the end 

even if light walks away
even if your company
decides not to stay
the liquid I’m drinking
kills the thirst my heart’s feeling
it sets the sun to rise again 


Just A Chest Ache

Cloud covered soul

waiting on silver to take hold

adrift in longings

many pains carrying

Raining on my thoughts

simple ones

whose expression language sparks

a confusion of remarks

Wishing of sharing

caring daring lovely things

roses kisses wines gems

everything missing

To fill a hole in a dream


Doom Filled Eyes

Today we sigh long
For tomorrow the skies fall
Hitting us to ground
Seemingly not making sounds
And away in tears we drown

(C) J.R. Thomas
March 25, 2008


Midtown Cloud


“I snapped this from the window seat as my plane was approaching LaGuardia Airport. The cloud is over Manhattan, while Brooklyn and Queens are visibile in the foreground, separated by Newtown Creek.”

Captured by Jeff Weston



Stories often told
Of days when Rain shone
Our sorrow saw no end
Riveting horrors as screams chime

Gloom left flowers Grey
Rising tides kept prisoners still
Afternoon crept home carrying an eerie chill
Powerful greed met great evil at play
Easing calm however laid plan
So yet again yearning for good to land


Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Fool's Paradise

I am alone in myself
Alone in a world filled
With headaches and pains
Waiting for love
Searching for happiness
Alone I thought until you came
Yes, I remember the day
I remember you though strange at first
Filled with secrets and mysteries
The intensity of it all
Grew with each pressing day
So many questions, yet not a spoken word

Alone I thought until you spoke
Not with words falling off your golden tongue
But with the most majestic smile
With the most captivating gaze
From eyes that beckon me to take you
One opportunity I would leap out
But I remain hesitant, cramped in posture
Bound by chains of uncertainty

Alone I still wait
To hold you, to squeeze you
Yes, I won’t
Pondering what to say, to do
How to get
Licentious acts flutter through my mind
With blazing gaze and subdued persona
To hear those words to cease the moment
I’ll be forever a fool in a paradise

Copyright J.R. Thomas


A Coat of Banter

Your tree limbs have been good friends with time
Stretched over the watery deep
Surrounded by decay, as snow fell in the wintery-times
The earth seemed jaded slow brown in its creep
Up to your strong roots as if dependent
On your overwhelming determination
Not to give up, every minute spent
Giving love whether true, tainted or infatuation
You are a Marvel of creation

The snow’s cold stayed a bit from you
Respecting your perseverance
At times I dream clearly of you
Happy, helpful, caring, steeped in your vigilance
As if you have to do all these things
A ransom you pay for the extra time you’ve spent
Adorning yourself in life’s frills
Giving your all in everything, laying patient
You are a Marvel of creation

In celebration of your days we all came
Flowing in from life’s treacherous chill we resign
Our hearts smiling as we bask in fame
Cause you are of no ordinary design
This rough life seems only to blossom
Your flowerless tree branches
Grasping why we cannot begin to fathom
Giving you new reasons to peer into these trenches
Changing our lives with warmth, if that alone
You are a Marvel of Creation

                                        Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas


Saturday, 8 September 2012

Moistured Glass

Met in the dead of the night

Alive only by her flashing lights

Oh, and made to wait

Oh, gladly travelled, worthy bumpy ride

So beautiful inside

A step closer in faith

A step closer to fate

Mis-steps and double backs

Check ins and coffee shops

Maseratis and wifi hotspots

Hables ingles y solo negro

Minority seemed so evident

Evidence of a love forgotten

A similarity whose taste to be

Lovingly acquired

Waters away

Arriving to a new day

A life away

What does one do with hours

Three hours alone on a ride to a new moon

A new flavoured moon

Three news today

On a ticket worth more

Than its three months


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

All The Ifs Wont Bring You Home

If I, if I, if I, if I, could I would
but all the ifs in the world wont bring you home

If I hadn’t made you believe all the tings I said
the lies and the truth
The lies that broke your heart
and the truths that convinced you I’d change

If I hadn’t shown them others the love
I promised was your own
Gaming these girls not seeing
I was the only one in the ring
And then showed you all the reasons
why you’d loved me before
Not changing at all
If I, if I, if I, if I, could I would
but all the ifs in the world wont bring you home

Now you ask around for someone real
to fill the void left inside
To treat you with respect at all times not one
being there for you and know how to feel
If I wasn’t lost in myself thinking
I had to prove I was the man
Baby you were all the proof I needed
a diamond you are, I only saw the rough
Inattentive to thoughts that screamed
thru the piercing eyes that stared while we bang
You thought holding me close and it was
all I needed, if I’d seen it was enough
If I, if I, if I, if I, could I would
but all the ifs in the world wont bring you home

                                  Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas


Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Please do not ignore God whispering to you.

HuffPost Highlights: The Talk (via huffingtonpost)



Holy Sh*t Marriage Proposal of the Day: Crazy Russian Alexey Bykov wanted his girlfriend ”to realize how life would have no meaning without me.” 

So the 30-year-old hired a movie director, stuntmen, make-up artists, and a script writer to stage a car crash in which he “died.” 

Naturally, Irena Kolokov lost it when she saw the carnage:

We’d arranged to meet at a certain place but when I arrived there were mangled cars everywhere, ambulances, smoke, and carnage. Then when I saw Alexy covered in blood lying in the road. A paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears.

But that was the moment Bykov had been waiting for — the dead man jumped to his feet and proposed. 

“I was so cross I almost killed him again, but for real this time,” Kolokov said. 

Fortunately for Bykov, she eventually forgave him and the couple were married last week. 

“I think it worked  but I promise it’s the last time,” he said. 


And she married him? 


Can You See Us

Can’t we just hold hands
Two is always better than one
Lets struggle along I can’t wait
For them to strengthen their faith
And act strong, For me, For you

I think they know what to do-
but they waiver in the winds
As if we did this ourselves-
kill ourselves committing sins
They heard us cry out before-
that’s how they knew to look
But they couldn’t see us-
beyond the torn flesh we possess
Judging us from this ugly cover-
not reading the pages of our book

Cant we just hold hands-
and show them our prowess
Two is always better than one-
we’ll stumble on and progress
Lets struggle along I can’t wait-
build towers of power we must
For them to strengthen their faith-
believing that they actually stand
And act strong, For me, For you-
then they’ll see us, I trust

                            Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas



Monday, 3 September 2012

You There

When did you find yourself
Amidst this this rubble of fallacy
Do you remember how old you were
Were you younger then about twelve

This feeling of eagerness did it consume you too
Did you play a lot and loved  when it rained
So you could get lost in the showers relief
Tricked no more by parents of how Santa was true

Was it later on down the road
After the first time you felt your heart explode
Those lies got you good didn’t they
And so you learned to forgive the little toad

Crying out loud did you do that a lot
When everything else failed
Did you scream out and weep
Alone in a faraway parking lot

The special one did she help much
To figure out why it didn’t hurt
When you cut yourself with glass
And lied with your eyes and every touch

I want to know I’m wondering still
How come I haven’t found fortune
But only lie about all these trills
Tell me soon before I take this pill

                                 Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas



Friday, 31 August 2012

For Forever

What a way to introduce yourself
Delapidatingly cold
Topping a stomach ache
Of this this is surety
Time moves slower as you wait
And quicky as you sleep
And waiting always feel eternal

I pitch black all shine
Some resound in union
Others fade
Few resist
Even fewer show their few true colors

As I stare at your glow
I realized how much you’ve grown
On me, this person I’ve become
A wonder for a wanderer
Shells, sea, shocks, and rain

I often wish, to wish
To feel, to steal, to be
Whatever would be suit me best
Wherever I ‘d find a chest
Future growth
Present tense
Past lessens

What you are for me,
I’m not for you.
The world aint perfect
so I’ll hold on to my piece,
I need peace for this journey.


Assumptions and Presumptions should be last resorts.


Thursday, 30 August 2012


Your mother called you ugly-
when you brought home our child
But trust the only thing more beautiful-
is the innocence of our newly born child

When you brought home our child-
they laughed at the trials you brought
But trust your beauty is priceless-
ugly inside from the evils they sought

Yes trust the only thing more beautiful-
is the choice you made to carry new life
To bring new joy to the world-
a messiah you will pay no ransom for life
Your smile that fill us with grace-
sometimes you are unaware the look on your face
The look that tells us all truths-
of how your heart was made whole
And how easy this life is now-
that you bore the pain, legendary so bold

Is the innocence of our newly born child
pharaoh of modern times he’ll become
For from the depths of your soul’s beauty
You gave me a son

                              Copyright May2007 J.R. Thomas




8/30/2012 (Taken with Instagram)


Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Proletarian Poems, Phony Prose: Shhhhhhh, it's ok baby

Link: Proletarian Poems, Phony Prose: Shhhhhhh, it's ok baby


Babies struggle so hard to stay awake and fight sleep as if it were the final omen. They’re so immediate, in both needs and understandings. What exists now is all that there is, has ever been and will ever be, emotionally and materially. Devastatingly upset one second and…


I've Told You Everything

My eyes scream in the silence of my tears
Dream even it does, as I share and eulogize the lives of my prey
Lost in your being, these eyes have been entangled
Unraveling the threads of my life
Lifting the woven silk that covers my soul
The secrets you wonder of I’ve told you already everything

The sparkle of the cool crystal ball that’s piercing thy heart
Intends only to solace and rejuvenate
To revitalize and return you to thy innocence
Fool hardy to comfort I’ve remained
If only repetitions through my lips were possible
The secrets you wonder of I’ve told you already everything

Indulge now into the obvious you must
The prism reflection the wall tells all
Truth grows untouched my Eden reeks in perfection
Syllable of existence and the realms of love
Joints of union and strands of relationships forever courts
The secrets you wonder of I’ve told you already everything

Copyright J.R. Thomas


Monday, 27 August 2012

Senegal River


Rites become farcical tragedy,
parasite eggs passing as male menstruation
as culture is formed after capitalist construction.
conforming to degenerated circumstances
as if degrading health were a sign of heartiness.
Only the educated know what sickens is spreading
and never sully their fingers with muddy field soil
keeping the destitute peasants ignorant in order to preserve profit.
Marx have mercy.

If your faith won’t fit in the door that opens for you, then I argue don’t walk through it… The door that God will open for you will fit your faith

Devon Franklin (via unclerujo)

How You Know Me?

You don’t need to know my name,
Probably my favorite game
Or the songs I listen at night
Things that give me fright

You don’t need to know my name
Or the places where I lived
The girls I’ve tricked with game
Just those bridges, on my way to you, I’ve crossed

Probably my favorite game
Can give you a sign
Of why I love to win all the time
To score with the dame of highest fame

Or the songs I listen to at night
When I’m alone in my room
After a long days gloom
To sooth away my worries, to awaken me alright

Things that give me fright
Scared me out of my wits
Of whom there is only a few
And the rules I just love to break
To cover my mistakes
For I am not my name
The things you should remember
Are simple, like the day we met in December

Copyright June2007 J.R. Thomas


Thursday, 23 August 2012

What Is Love?

What is Love?

Lust overtakes my body with a glance of your beauty,
Overpowered by infatuation I entangled myself with you,
Verbal, physical and emotional contact deepens.
Eventually decisions are made paving the future.
May these simple thoughts ever cover its duty,
These wounds from my fire tongue I couldn’t protect you,
Desire, expectations and perceptions of our lives withers,
The greatest fruitage of the human spirit, love is.

Copyright April2007 J.R. Thomas



Wednesday, 22 August 2012


“Taking in Water” by Jessie Ware

I want more Jessie Ware ballads. Her voice is too important not to be showcased this strongly. 


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Love Is Life, But Life Is Only Four Seasons

Love is Life, but Life is only Four Season

The simple plights of a soldier’s sojourn are riddled with bullets of misdirection. Along the way I’ve met a few killers, a few double crossers and the odd misfits and gifted ones but never have I been graced with a ONE.

The one created avalanches of emotions in my soul, only for the snow to be melted by the warmth of your embrace. The waters gave life to spring, the colors and flowers and whirling butterflies and we had begun.

The journey has wondered unto dark roads and perilous situations but our soldier marches on. The acquaintances have tightened their grips on friendship and the cock crows now with one voice. The bows from cupid have been collected for memory’s sake and only the man beyond the clouds has a say in our case. The morning bliss of our affection has spurred the growth of the flowers bloom; we have even spoken of matching tombs. The seasoned hawk was our image in the lake and now in the night dew of this you cannot recognize a thing. The summer heat of our passion has tanned our very existence as we lay below palm trees flipping through the pages of our novel.
The decorated hero has gained many promotions and is still washing the feet of his disciples no longer threatened by opposition he remains poised on his mountainous realm. He no longer has foes and is no longer greeted with an eye of indifference, his sublime demeanor and cool character has anchored their hearts. The summer rain falls due to the convection of the masses and fall shakes of the leaves to the barren floor and now the carpet looks fresh again. The need to argue has been lost with the wind, the carpet creator, and silence has moved into the rooms of the settled out children. Love abounds and thanksgivings are bountiful, the sky is seldom gray unlike the lessened hair and the simplicity of life increases the joy of living; the former things have passed away.

The grandeur of the banquet that was thrown for his retirement overwhelmed the hardened soldier to tears and the frost around his wintered heart was invisible. The known and strangers of which his work had touched embrace him armed with rounds of kisses and fleets of stories, it was a wonderful day.

Bittersweet though is death, we are to be happy the misery is over but we are downtrodden by the lost. The coldness reappeared like a silent prowler and the snow have settled and the waters frozen no tears only long sleepless nights. Every beloved memory becomes a nightmare and the rock that was the foundation is constantly being etched away by the questions of why and the sorrow of tomorrow. The spring in his step no longer plays with his feet , the heat of their continuous summer love has sunken like humus to horizons of the earth and only the chill of that cold winter day she went away is fresh in the emptiness of his mind.
Copyright December2005 J.R. Thomas


Monday, 20 August 2012


“Sweet Talk” by Jessie Ware

Devotion really is as divine as we all assumed it would be months and months ago. Despite her inclusion on more instrumentally-complex singles for the past couple of years, Jessie Ware’s debut LP is pretty simple, straightforward pop and r&b. There are no distractions from her clear, perfect voice. I’ve only had the album for about a day or so and I’m already memorizing most of the lyrics. The songs are just that instantly lovely. 





My journey started with the burn of rejection
And blossomed into a flower we call relation
Lately you spun a web to catch me
And I deflect back towards you in my insolence
I wonder of many things as we sail upstream dreamy ………………lake
Joy has presented itself once more in front of my ………………eyes
All I thought was rejection at first because of …………fear; fear to fall?deeper into u
Some of the emotions flowing through me now says …………..that I am falling deeper into u and
Only the best is left to come from this and I ………………can’t
Never has happiness felt THIS good!

                      Copyright May2006 J.R. Thomas



Sunday, 19 August 2012










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