Sunday, 22 September 2013


Requirements for this new me,

scream death to the old me;

Harder still is this deciphering,

of the proofs I’ve chased,

the proven I’ll waste,

and pools of lessons for swimming;

Advise that will benefit,

to be joined by firmer sets,

a blas’ bought,

away from glass boats;


Late this night,

For season a play,

Pay for days;

Extinction or dormancy?

Starvation or buoyancy?

Assassination or froze?

Can I really call her failure?

knowing I’ve learned from her,

sensing she was the good that slipped,

Can I remain truthful and tight lipped?

Adventures in displacement,

dreams of enrichment,

it’s not enough to mine gold,

you have to mind what’s gold;

Excuse by absence,

this is not good bye, merely hasta luego,

off into thinker clouds,

better days ahead.

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