Sunday, 15 September 2013

Faithful To End

I’m a horrible help for myself, and spent my days responding to days, weeks, months, years, calendered. One day I decided to leave my life behind, to become a person I never dreamed about. From Jamaica to Panama to Mexico City Airport, where I spent the night waiting for a connecting flight to Cancun. I discovered very quickly that indeed my thoughts of bigger world away from home was a giant misconception. Cancun was not only grand, it is largely different. The work I got in Mexico to sell cosmetics hurled stones at my introversion, trampled my seclusion, and revealed clearly the reason I had always chose to hide. Everyday I found my fear of people clash with my need for success. Along the way I contracted Salmonella, hooked up with Mexican girls, tried temporary tattoos, learned Israeli history, and lost my job.

All this in the first three weeks, and Jamaicans came to become added baggage. So off to Mexico city I went to be “properly trained for the same job in a different locale”. Mexico City is beautiful and already my growth has surpassed that of before. I’m a salesman here and I speak 3 languages. Jamaica is paradise in comparison, yet Mexico is not my own so my unmarried love for its great beauty is understandable. So money is to be made, rebirth is to be had, report is short, details are missing, many days ahead, and hopefully many more worlds to see.

Hasta Luego

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