Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Break And Say No

I’ve heard it’s him who stole your voice
The one running with no noise
With his prize, your still beating heart
Leaving you a fire without a spark….

Then Up we shall from here
Into clouds upon sky-blue
Unto flying carpets, perfectly even square
Just wait for some daytime lightning, that’s our cue

From here you’ll see the reasons why the heavens smile
And at night why the stars shines
And the clouds sometimes bring showers

Can you see it?
There behind the sign
No breaking, always no
Your flower,
The one that has being growing wild
Waiting for you from whence you were a child
Now go back and nurture your flower
For even without that spark
Like hot air you shall
To break his strangle hold and say no more

(c) Copyright March 29, 2008 
J.R. Thomas
inspired by pixie

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