Thursday, 25 October 2012

Why I May Never Change

Why I May Never Change

He played wondrous melodies on your strings
But your chords were not his own
He preferred alone, and chose you only to make music
Satisfying his own selfish desires
Taking from you a tune you never knew existed
Once was enough for him though
Dwelling on beauty he dared not even stop and try
For fear overwhelmed his soul
Cutting away the strings of his heart still, forever
The blades of deceit he created
Found his muse he did but as with you, he went left
And now he lives in rewind
Shuffling his decks over again to see the cards appear
In same order as that blessed night
Hoping his time machine may take him there
To undo his marvelous trickery
Until then repetition is his home and his children’s names
So to you too came the game

J.R. Thomas
Copyright August 15, 2007 

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