Tuesday, 9 October 2012

PMS- ParentalMisunderstandings

Shhh listen
There they go again
Not seeing but ever talking
When all you needed was a friend
Not hearing but swearing
When all you needed was a snug
As a youth growing we can’t always give ourselves hugs
Did mom really just do that
Didn’t she know he’d get mad
Can’t they get over their spat
And try to make me a little bit glad
To wake up each morning
But I guess they can’t help it
They haven’t figured out how to get to their feet
So as they spit and fight
Spoiling so many a night
I’ll just sit and stare
Cry and wish something else was there
As my days run by and tears run
I’ll be strong and try to remember
That even though do I, they too have constant PMS

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