Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Reject Ball

The reject ball I am its strange
I feel I have been always being kicked around
But only by the ones I hold dear, it’s strange
Never allowing the ones who care to stick around

Who kicked me first, pretty sure I did not
I talked to my grandma, rather I listened
She went on about the wrongs things, her many ills and what not
But I listened, a lot I listened,
Just to hear them speak, so I’ll understand
How not to kick myself again, pretty sure I should not

You see I’m really smart about this type of thing
I can tell you exactly what to do
And work, I’m sure it will I can prove it too
But I never take my advice; yeah this comes with a ring

I can see perfection; I always see the best in you
Beyond your wildest dreams there are places I see you
In high mountainous heavenly glorious scenes
Please believe I know how you can act these scenes

I really don’t want to lie to you
Oh but the truth is so hard to grasp
Be my many; don’t kick me around like the few
Those I’ve chose to blind me like reflecting glass

I’ve learnt many things from my favourite sport
Living my life like the way I have dribbled around the court
Speed past the helping hands of teammate stretched
Bonding with soloist that make orchestral music, really farfetched
But you see when I listened to those I’ve opened my channels to
They did any, but complain, nothing I could hold on to
Giving aid to get me ill, mixing potions to take my pill
Remedying the good I’ve found, with scores unsound
I have hurt my joints too much to not play again
I’m that reject ball rolling in the rain

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