Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Mr Irons

It’s as crazy as I think
Which makes it horrible to believe or even imagine
I try to imagine what they see
But I cringe because i might have to believe
They see me as someone different
Not the actual person that I am
They smile and nod and make you believe they understand
But inside their cold, unsure-
 and behind your back they laugh their insecurities
Fully displays no understanding at all
I fill with pity their misconceptions haunt me
Now i know why I was told not
But I can’t suppress my feeling, I can’t
Hide what I believe in, I can’t
Become something I’m not
So I’m left with the burden
Of sticking to myself
I can’t change who I am
I can’t help what they think of me
So instead I have to grab on to solitude
Letting it instead of misconceptions become my best-friend

Written by My Lil sis
M. Thomas

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